Eagle Force Pulp 6: To Catch the Cat Kickstarter Campaign Update

I have another Kickstarter Campaign update to share with you; This time, from Mr. Christopher Irving of The Drawn Word!

Chris notes that the Kickstarter funds for “To Catch the Cat“, his 6th Eagle Force Pulp, has been released and the project can now more forward! Here’s the scoop –

Eagle Force Pulp 6 - Surveillance Port

The money just showed up today! The plan is to get the trading cards and postcard off to press over the weekend (we’re looking at getting a ton of snow). I’m very close to finishing the story: we got sidelined by car repairs on BOTH cars (I’m getting the final things done to my car tomorrow), a sick partner, and Grayson is just now getting over his cold.

But, like Lee Fine, I won’t let you down!

Also, my horror movie card Kickstarter has a few days left. Check it out if you’re into historical, creepy, silent horror cinema!

PS: There’s a new surprise back-up story in volume #6, with an unexpected new writer’s vision behind it! Stay tuned…

It won’t be long now until we have the next chapter and a bunch of awesome extras in hand! Also, as noted above, if you’re in to classic horror, then you need to get on Chris’ “Unholy Three” campaign linked above!

2 thoughts on “Eagle Force Pulp 6: To Catch the Cat Kickstarter Campaign Update

  1. Eagle force is doing more kickstarter they haven’t put out the original eagle force figures it’s been 3 years I wouldn’t put more money into something that has been that long


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