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Acid Rain World Field Wildebeest WB3f Revealed and Pre Order Announced

Heads up, Acid Rain World fans! Word has been received of a new F.A.V. (Figure and Vehicle) set coming our way from Toys Alliance & Skronex!

It was July of 2018 when I first brought you word of the Wildebeest WB3b from its debut at ACGHK2018. Today, I’m pleased to share the next bike in the series, the Field Wildebeest WB3f! Check it out –


—— Wildebeest WB3 Info ——

To satisfy mobility needs on the battlefield, the Agurts military imported the ORV-M from Central Europe’s largest vehicle manufacturer, Manfred. The ORV-M was a dual-sport motorcycle designed to enhance durability and increase market penetration. Simple and durable, the design sports low body weight, low failure rate, and low maintenance costs.

After numerous adjustments on the ORV-M design, the Agurts military finally created a speedy, lightweight and operationally practical military motorcycle with an elite suspension system that facilitates smooth transport. The model was named Wildebeest WB3.

The Wildebeest WB3 can weather rapid speeds in a variety of mountainous, desert and jungle terrains, and can withstand the impact of over 20-foot jumps. When deployed alone on the battlefield, they typically act as rapid transportation for weapons, ammunition, and supplies across all types of battlefields and terrains. Often used in rapid attacks, reconnaissance and emergency responses, the Wildebeest WB3 has been widely distributed to various brigades of the Agurts military.

The Field Wildebeest WB3f  features and all new Agurts Military Field color scheme and includes a new Acid Rain World figure by Toys Alliance, the Field Cavalry!

What makes this offering even more awesome is a set of Combat Medic gear, allowing you to transform your Field Cavalry figure in to a Combat Medic! Just what your Front Line needs!

Want to get one for yourself? Check with your hobby store for pre-order details soon! Here’s the detail breakdown –

  • “Acid Rain World” —— 1:18” “Field Wildebeest WB3f” Action Figure
  • Product Content: Field Wildebeest WB3f x1, Field Cavalry x1, Field Cavalry Gear x1, Combat Medic Gear x1, Military Bag x3, Handgun x1
  • Suggest Retail Price: USD 50 | HKD 390
  • Release Date: March 2019
  • Selling Method: Open Edition —— Check with your hobby store for purchasing details

This awesome new set will be released this March, so make sure to check your favorite eTailer for pre-order info! Will you be adding the Field Wildebeest WB3f to your Acid Rain World collection?

2 comments on “Acid Rain World Field Wildebeest WB3f Revealed and Pre Order Announced

  1. Oh heck yes!


    • Brother, you know I’m pre-ordering this the minute it drops. $50 gets you a fig, gear to make ANOTHER fig AND a bike? To quote a wise man, “Oh heck yes!”


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