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G.I.Joe Club addresses QC Issue with FSS8 Red Laser Flag and Figure Stand

By way of the now defunct G.I.Joe Collectors Club Forum comes word that Club Members that subscribed to FSS 8 (Figure Subscription Service) will receive replacement parts for their Red Shadows Red Laser figure.

To re-cap, the figure was received missing a piece from it’s Flag, which rendered it useless. The figure stand was also in a different color than what was expected. From Fun Publications

Notice to all FSS 8.0 subscribers:

In your final shipment (approximately mid-February), you will receive a NEW stand for Red Laser and the missing flag attachment piece.

We have corrected the color of the stand and had the factory add a hole for the flag (1st time on the Cobra stand)!

In addition, we will be selling black versions of this Cobra stand with the flag pole hole (no flag pole or attachments) in the GIJCC store, so the you can display all of your modern era Cobra Trooper’s flags.

Thanks for your patience while the factory fixed this production error.

There you have it, folks. Replacement parts should/will be received with your last shipment of FSS 8. Are you excited to receive replacement parts? Don’t really care either way? Sound off in the comments below!

1 comment on “G.I.Joe Club addresses QC Issue with FSS8 Red Laser Flag and Figure Stand

  1. Barry Tuttle

    The club is really showing how much they care. A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved now and over the years.


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