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Black Major Toys Cobra Cobalt Invasor v2 Pictorial Review

I’m continuing my look at the 2019 SE v2 based offerings from Black Major Toys with a pictorial of the Cobra Cobalt Invasor v2!

The original Cobra Invasor, clad in all black, is quite the rarity and a grail in many G.I.Joe collections. The figure was offered by both Plastirama (Argentina) and Estrella (Brazil). What makes this figure all sorts of fun is that it’s based on the Cobra Cobalt Invasor v1 from Black Major Toys, making it a homage of a homage (of sorts). The following image was grabbed via Google, so rightful credit is due to their rightful owner(s). Check it out –


Fast forward to today, where Black Major has given the Cobra Cobalt Invasor a natural evolution by offering him in v2 Format! I’ve put together a gallery of nearly 50 images for you to check out below, followed by my thoughts afterwards!

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