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The 1990 G.I.Joe Avalanche has arrived at 3DJoes.com

Heads up, G.I.Joe fans! 3DJoes.com has shared word that the 1990 G.I.Joe Avalanche has been added to the site!

In 1989, G.I.Joe returned to the air waves via DiC Entertainment with Operation: Dragonfire, a 5 part mini-series. The following year, 1990, brought the return of the 30 minute animated series to either morning or afternoon slots on local programming networks. Throughout this whole time, the G.I.Joe Action Figure franchise marched on, introducing new figures and vehicles every year, with 1990 being no exception.

One of the figure and vehicle sets offered that year was the G.I.Joe Avalanche and it’s driver, Cold Front. This awesome vehicle had a ton of play features, from an Ice Mine Launcher to a removable Rear Drone that carried another G.I.Joe figure (one would assume wave mate Sub Zero). Although at times it was portrayed in Desert Combat Arenas, I thankfully never had to use it outside of snowy conditions, thanks to your typical northeast winter.

Carson has put together another amazing gallery, this time showcasing this killer piece of Arctic Hardware. I’ve only shared a taste below, so make sure to head over to the 1990 G.I.Joe Avalanche page on 3DJoes to check out the full gallery.

1990 g.i.joe avalanche 3djoes - surveillance port 01

Did you, or do you still have an Avalanche in your collection? I sure do! Many thanks to 3DJoes for yet another awesome gallery!

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