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Black Major Toys Cobra Invasor v2 Pictorial Review

I’m continuing my look at the 2019 SE v2 based offerings from Black Major Toys with a pictorial of the Cobra Invasor v2!

The original Cobra Invasor is quite the rarity and a grail in many G.I.Joe collections. The figure was offered by both Plastirama (Argentina) and Estrella (Brazil). His file card notes the following, with images and details courtesy of YoJoe:

From unknown origin, these enemies are very powerful and wish to rule the world. They always attack in groups and appear in any part of the planet. The only thing able to stop them is the presence of the Commandos, super-prepared to face that terrible world menace.

Fast forward to today, where Black Major has given the Cobra Invasor a natural evolution by offering him in v2 Format! I’ve put together a gallery of nearly 40 images for you to check out below, followed by my thoughts afterwards!

The Cobra Invasor v2 is a welcomed update to the original, sporting a and all Black base and silver highlights. I love his Wolf, as it reminds me a lot of Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Stink Bomb figure. He sports a black base, with silver “skunk stripe” and blood red eyes; Fitting on a companion to Invasor.

As far as gear goes, the Cobra Invasor v2 comes equipped with his Sword, Uzi and back pack.Collectors, please note – The Sword IS SHARP AND HAS A VERY POINTY EDGE. As such, I wouldn’t recommend that particular weapon for smaller children (and you be careful too, lol!)

Now, many who pick this figure up may note that the sword doesn’t exactly fit in the slots on the backpack. Well, no worries, you can do one of two things –

  1. Place the blade on it’s side (see pics above).
  2. Carefully shave off the excess in each slot.

A small nitpick, really, as the Sword being held in a different position allows us to look at the figure as completely different, embracing his new role as Mortal.

I can’t recommend this figure enough, as it really scratches an itch that I didn’t even know I had. Want to add one to your collection? Then make sure to hit up Black Major on Instagram to add the Cobra Invasor v2 and other offerings from this wave to your collection!

3 comments on “Black Major Toys Cobra Invasor v2 Pictorial Review

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