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Toy Pizza Action Figure of the Month Club January 2019 Update

Mr. Jesse DiStasio of Toy Pizza has shared the Action Figure of the Month Club January 2019 update! There’s so much to dig in to, so check out the update below without further interruption. I’ll catch up with you at the end! –

Action Figure of the Month Banner - Surveillance Port

If you recall, during the Kickstarter I promised a giveaway for a Desert Rat first shot for all KS backers as well as one for patrons. Well, I’m so happy with all my patrons, I decided to give an additional first shot away to $50 patrons.

Toy Pizza Desert Rat Test Shot - Surveillance Port.jpg

Kickstarter Winner 

James E. Going 

 Patreon $1-$25 Winner 

Don Kratzer  

Patreon $50 Winner 

James Hennen

Congratulations! Your prize will be shipping with your next order or the Jan. AFOTMC fulfillment, whichever comes first.

Random Name Generator Videos 

January Update 

Goods for Jan. are leaving Hong Kong tomorrow and should be arriving next week.
The plan is to start fulfillment on the 15th, with goods starting to arrive to you the week after. Please note there are a couple variables at play that could push us back a few days, but generally speaking we are looking good for most backers to get their goods before this month is over.

Device Ninja Tooling Model 

Here you can see the final sculpt before the tooling commences on the steel mold. Matt Doughty went through every line on this figure to tighten the sculpt and make sure the details are sharp.

A Secret Pre-order
Did you like the Old Knight figure we introduced at DCON that promptly sold out?
We have a new multi-set up for preorder that is shipping middle of the month.

Very limited stock but it gets you three super deluxe knights as well as three blank bodies perfect for customizing. This surprise is going to be huge!

If you don’t like surprises, the figures will be released individually soon (with full pictures).

There you have it, folks!

Congrats to all the winners, that Desert Rat test shot is all sorts of awesome! Speak of awesome, how about that Device Ninja?! Flippin’ SWEET!

Now, in case you don’t get in on the Secret Pre-Order, keep in mind that the first shipment from the AFOTM Club will start shipping within the next few weeks, woo hoo!

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on further updates.

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