Action Mice Chedder Shredder Troop Transport Revealed

Action Mice, the new animated series from the Gaelstone Media Group is charging full steam ahead! As such, we’ve been treated with new reveals and the latest will surely be a hit with you vehicle fans out there!

Check out the Action Mice Troop Transport, the Chedder Shredder!

Action Mice Cheddar Shredder Troop Transport - Surveillance Port

If you’ve been following Action Mice since their initial reveal in 2017, then you know that the Action Mice Motor Pool is extensive; Unless I’m mistaken, the Chedder Shredder is one of the larger Action Mice vehicles, so this thing is going to be a BEAST on screen!

I’ll be sure to bring you more reveals as they’re released. Stay tuned, folks, it’s almost Action Time!

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