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CGI Renders of Action Mice Chunk shared by Gaelstone Media Group and Global Genesis Group

Global Genesis Group has shared an awesome CGI render series of Chunk from the upcoming Action Mice series! Check it out –


Now, for those of you that aren’t familiar with Action Mice, the Gaelstone Media Group is a name that you’re going to become quite familiar with in the near future. Not only has GMG been tapped by our friends at Zica Toys to bring us a 6 issue story arc of named Legacy of the Sectaurs. they also have another project coming our way that is sure to please us Modern Army Action Figure fans. That project? ACTION MICE!

The story of Action Mice pits the heroic Mice against the evil Baron Ironweasel and his Iron Weasels! The Action Mice team includes –

  • Whiskers – Whiskers is a by the book kind of Soldier.
  • Chunk – Chunk is as tough as they come.
  • Pika – Pika is a master at getting into those secret dark places.
  • Pulse – Pulse has a high understanding of all things refracted & projected.
  • Silhouette – Silhouette is an enigma.

The enemy ranks of the Iron Weasels includes –

  • Baron Ironweasel – Like all megalomaniacs, his views of the world are twisted.
  • Kyoto – Kyoto is a lethal combatant in all forms of fighting styles.
  • Ironweasel Elite – the Iron Weasel Elite are the best of the best.
  • Ironweasel Shock Troops – The Iron Weasel Shocktroops are the grunt forces of Baron Ironweasel’s Iron Armies.

There’s even MORE awesome coming our way via this new venture, but that’ll be kept in the BARN for now. I’ve collected a sample of images of Chunk in all his CGI glory for you to check out above.

I’ll be sure to bring you more updates from my friends at GMG as they’re made available.

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