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Black Major Toys White Cobra Mortal v2 Pictorial Review

The latest assortment of offerings from Black Major Toys has begun to hit the market and as such, I’m pleased to bring you the 1st of 9 reviews based on the SE v2 Mold!

To kick things off, I’m taking a look at the White Cobra Mortal. The original Cobra Mortal was based on a Snake Eyes v1 mold, so it’s absolutely fitting that the SE v2 mold was used for this updated incarnation of a rare Cobra Character.

I’ve put together a gallery of 45 images for you to check out below; Check out my thoughts afterwards!

The White Mortal sports a white base, with red and black highlights. His Wolf is a light gray, with a chromed out pattern on his back and blood red eyes. Mortal comes equipped with his Sword, Uzi and back pack.

Collectors, please note – The Sword IS SHARP AND HAS A VERY POINTY EDGE. As such, I wouldn’t recommend that particular weapon for smaller children (and you be careful too, lol!)

Now, many who pick this figure up may note that the sword doesn’t exactly fit in the slots on the backpack. Well, no worries, you can do one of two things –

  1. Place the blade on it’s side (see pics above).
  2. Carefully shave off the excess in each slot.

Other than that, this figure is really well done, with nice, tight joints and a decent paint job. It’s exciting to see this mold used as a Cobra operative, as it definitely breathes new life in to the figure. That said, I’m excited to share the next 8 with you!

Make sure to hit up Black Major on Instagram to add the White Cobra Mortal v2 and other offerings from this wave to your collection!

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