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Sunok Studios shares Size Comparison images of Hell Screamerz Production Samples

Mr. Solomon Witt of Sunok Studios strikes again! This time around, we get to feast our eyes on size comparison images of his upcoming Hell Screamerz line of 1:18 action figures.

As you can see from the images, these look absolutely KILLER alongside G.I.Joe figures and will fit in perfectly with other 1:18 scale offerings. Check it out –

The assortment of images also give us a great look at the figure armament layout, which includes a Helmet, Chest Harness /vest, Waist armor, Retractable Combat Blade, Holster, Pistol Shoulder and upper and lower leg armor , Knee pads, rifle and battle stand. Some variations on this gear will be offered depending on the figure.

The closer we get, the more excited I get! These figures look fantastic and you can just see the love that Solomon has put in to his initial offering.
I’ll be sure to bring you more details as they’re made available!

2 comments on “Sunok Studios shares Size Comparison images of Hell Screamerz Production Samples

  1. Honestly it’s been over2 years for these figures I’m glad I didn’t put money in this I would be really let down will they ever put theses figures out


    • Considering other Kickstarters that have taken as long, if not longer – IE: Dime Novel Legends, Eagle Force, Sectaurs, etc…extended amounts of time seem to be par for the course for new(er) companies.

      With all the information that’s recently been received regarding production, I could see these being released in the next few months.

      Keep the faith!


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