3DJoes Presents Kirk Bozigian and Larry Hama’s final JoeCon Panel: G.I.Joe, The Battle Begins!


Carson from 3DJoes has given G.I.Joe Fans an amazing present just in time for Christmas!

Without further interruption, I’m pleased to share Mr. Kirk Bozigian and Mr. Larry Hama’s final JoeCon Panel: “G.I.Joe, The Battle Begins!” courtesy of 3DJoes!

In this amazing segment, Kirk Bozigian (former Vice President of Marketing for Hasbro) and Larry Hama (comic book legend) discuss their G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero collaboration at the final Hasbro sponsored G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention.

Finally, the “Homefront Heroes” can enjoy their stories! From 3DJoes –

Thanks to:

Kirk Bozigian and Larry Hama, for your trust and friendship. We are honored to help share these stories! 

The Triangle Joes: Sean J. Burg, Josh Scherer, Chad Hucal, Jim Carlisi, and Benjamin Thomas for filming the event and to Gray Childs for manning the booth in my absence. The JoeCon attendees that attended the panel. And finally to the G.I.Joe Collectors’ Club for decades of fun shows.

Be sure to also watch the “Behind the scenes of G.I.Joe’s first live-action micro-movie! (JoeCon 2018 Panel)” https://youtu.be/-EWyhhXvAh8

Enjoy the video and make sure to follow 3DJoes for more amazing content just like this!

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