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G.I.Joe Collectors Club notifies Members of Assembly Error impacting Fast Draw

Heads Up! If you’re a G.I.Joe Collectors Club member, then there’s no doubt that if you haven’t received your 3rd shipment by now, the e-mail received from Fun Publications’ today renders any spoiler moot at this point.

What am I referring to? Well, as I reported yesterday, the 3rd wave from the G.I.Joe Club’s final Figure Subscription Service has started to hit mailboxes. One of the figures in the wave is the G.I.Joe Mobile Missile Specialist, Fast Draw. Thanks to my friend The_Benzino_Project on Instagram for sharing the following details that I can now pass along to you.

Unfortunately, Fast Draw is plagued by an assembly error, but thankfully, it can be easily remedied (if you’re planning on opening him, that is). Here’s the scoop from Fun Publications:

FSS 8 Fast Draw Error Notification - Surveillance Port.jpg

Hello Subscribers! 

We said we would try to get two drops out before Christmas but…we were able to get three!

Enjoy your next pair of figures!

Fast Draw is one of the figures in this drop and unfortunately the factory made another error, The right & left missile arm connectors are mounted upside down. If you take the figure out of the package, all you need to do is swap the right & left parts on the luancher arms so that it mounts above the figure’s shoulders correctly. All the pieces are correct, they just put them in the package incorrectly. 

Merry Christmas! 


Ah, another wave, another QC issue. Thankfully, this one is easily remedied, but it’ll surely frustrate some…That said, trust me, I’m sure the folks at Fun Publications are just as frustrated as you are.



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