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Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Production Update

Another rare update has been received from Cryptid Toys regarding their Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Kickstarter Campaign. Backers have been asking for an update for over a month with no response, so hopefully this info serves to set some minds at ease. Here’s the scoop –

December Update

Hey Backers,

Since the last update, the factories have been adjusting the tooling for both the skeletons and the male blanks. The one doing the skeletons made some tweaks since the last update when the test shots came in, but there are still some more things that need to be adjusted. Changing the heads and hands is still way too tough to do without applying heat to soften the parts so those will need to be changed further. They are stating that it should be done in January so hopefully that stands true.

The factory doing the male blanks has finished tooling and they are in the process of testing everything now. The ABS molds were being tested this past week and the remaining parts for the figure are going to be tested next week. They should have a couple assembled figures next week and will get them in the mail to be inspected in-hand more closely. The following pictures are from the tooling process for the male blank and base. The white parts pictured are from the ABS tests.

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