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G.I.Joe Collectors Club Figure Subscription 8 Shipment 2 Now Arriving

Heads up, Joe Fans! The 2nd shipment from the eighth and final Figure Subscription Service from the G.I.Joe Collectors Club has started hitting mail boxes.

As with previous FSS arrivals, there are spoilers ahead. Read on below for more!


The 2nd shipment includes the G.I.Joe Infantry Officer, Captain Grid-Iron and the G.I.Joe Battle Corps Commander, Bulletproof!


These images come courtesy of Mr. Joshua Medley and the G.I.Joe Renegades Facebook Group.

Recipients of FSS 8 have noted that their third shipping notice has already been received, so we should have another reveal soon! Many thanks to JT Davis for the use of his image!

What are your thoughts on this 2nd pair of offerings from the GIJCC’s swan song, FSS 8?


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