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Eagle Force Pulp 6: To Catch The Cat Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE!

My friends, I’m so sorry for the late notification! HEADS UP – To Catch the Cat, the 6th Eagle Force Pulp from The Drawn Word, is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Here’s the scoop direct from the campaign:

Eagle Force Pulp #6 – To Catch the Cat Kickstarter Campaign

Where is Lee Fine?

After the events of Search and Destroy, he went off on his vendetta against the remains of R.I.O.T.. Now, after quietly assassinating R.I.O.T. agents, R.I.O.T. is revived by none other than Baron Von Chill and a new threat–General Mamba.

Captain Eagle, meanwhile, continues to grapple with the demons from his fight with Mamba as he continues to assemble the greatest fighting force of the 20th century.

Both men, Lee Fine and John Eagle, are set on a collision course as they both try to stop R.I.O.T. their own way. Will it result in The Cat becoming a member of Eagle Force, or one of its first enemies?

I’m doing things a bit different with this one: Since I have my break between semesters, it’s the perfect time for me to write this. My goal with this one is more straight action than any of the previous pulps, which have been quieter and more character-based. I want to go full octane with To Catch the Cat.

Also, I decided to give the dog tags a try instead of metal cards this time. Any stretch goals can include more trading cards!

Finally, the Bonus Card level includes a pack of limited Eagle Force cards from past campaigns; each pack does contain one metal card!

Risks and challenges

The dogtag vendor is a new one, but I have word from some good friends that they produce a quick turnaround! Other than an Eagle Island sized case of writer’s block, I can’t imagine much more that’ll get in the way!

As always, though, I will keep you posted.

Now that you have the the intel on the latest Novella, here’s a bit of awesome news – As of the time of this post, the campaign has already reached 72% of its initial funding goal ($615 of $850!).

With your help, we can push this one over the top TONIGHT! So go, get your pledge in and let’s add the latest piece of the Eagle Force Saga to our collections!

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