Ray Park Not Revising His Role as Snake Eyes in Upcoming Movie

By way of Newsarama comes word that Ray Park, the actor that has portrayed Snake Eyes in the last two installments of G.I.Joe, will not be reprising his role as the silent Commando Ninja in the stand alone film.

GI Joe Snake Eyes Movie - Surveillance Port

Ray Park will not be reprising his role as Snake-Eyes in the character’s upcoming solo film spin-off, according to G.I. Joe produer Lorenzo DiBonaventura. The producer explains to /Film that the film is a prequel to the two G.I. Joe films, and therefore will need someone significantly younger than Park (who is 44).

“Probably not, because we are going to the origin story,” Di Bonaventura said. “As you know in the comic book, you saw his face. And it is, I’ll say, the formation of a hero. So you’ve got to see somebody and it can’t be Ray’s age, unfortunately.”

Paramount has not announced Snake-Eyes intended theatrical release date.

There you have it, folks. This piece confirms that Snake Eyes will be a prequel to the Rise of Cobra and Retaliation. Whether or not that’s a good thing remains to be seen.

What’s your take on this news?

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