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Kickstarter Campaign for Eagle Force Pulp 6: To Catch The Cat Launches this Wednesday

Heads up, Eagle Force faithful! My good friend Christopher Irving of The Drawn Word has advised that the 6th Eagle Force pulp, To Catch the Cat, is set to launch on Kickstarter this coming Wednesday, December 12th!

Eagle Force Pulp 6 - Surveillance Port

 On Wednesday, I’m launching the campaign for To Catch the Cat.

This one is a holiday present to all of you: Captain Eagle needs to hunt The Cat down to either recruit him for Eagle Force–or stop him cold in his personal mission of vengeance.

I’m writing this one like an ’80s action movie, complete with explosions and high octane action. The plan is to push myself to write a pulp with a quicker pace than I’ve had before. I won’t do that to sacrifice character or story, but things will shift beyond high gear.

The goal on this one is also lower, at $850. I also have an interesting and different add-on treat or two.

Stay tuned!

You head the man, folks! Stay tuned as the campaign kicks off this Wednesday!

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