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G.I.Joe Club shares word on Quality Control issues impacting FSS 8 Wave 1

Another FSS, another QC issue. As we’re still in that zone where folks are receiving their first shipment from FSS 8, please note – THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD!


Ok, now that you’ve been warned, here’s the scoop: FSS 8 shipment one included the Red Shadows Weapons Technician, Red Laser. Red laser comes with a Red Shadows flag.

Unfortunately, it’s been noted by all that have received Red Laser that a tab plate that attaches the flag to the flag pole was not included. Also, as Red Laser is an Action Force offering, his figure stand should be silver. Instead, it’s black. (sigh x2). From the Club –

Hello FSS 8 Subscribers,

We are aware of the flag attachment and stand issue with Red Laser. We don’t know what happened in the factory (again) because these don’t match our samples and instructions.

Currently we are re-inspecting the other FSS 8 figures for any issues they may have that are correctable. We will update you when we get answers back from the factory. 



One would hope that the missing piece will be sent out to subscribers in the same fashion that a replacement figure stand was sent for “Hallow Point”.

More to come on this topic as new info is received.

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