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GI Joburg Episode 133: Definitive Cobra-La

The trio of awesome gentlemen behind GI Joburg are back with a brand new episode for your listening enjoyment!

Episode 133 brings us the podcast that almost never happened… three times (at least). Maybe the crew should have taken the hint; But instead, they defied fate and the powers that be to bring you a discussion of the greatest controversy classic GI Joe: ARAH ever produced: Cobra-La (lalalalalalalalalala!)

GI Joe Cobra La Artwork - Surveillance Port

Originally introduced in 1987, Golobulus, Nemesis Enforcer and the Cobra-La Royal Guard were offered in a 3 pack with Slaughter’s Renegades as their shelf mates.

As part of the G.I.Joe animated movie, Cobra-La was integral to the story line, but weren’t really well received. That said, Cobra-La does have it’s fans out there, with this reporter being on the fence about the concept as a whole.

Good thing GI Joburg is on the case! The Team talks the three-pack, weird historical coincidences, and their VERY varied reception of this animation milestone…Plus a little much needed reflection and thanks-giving for the epic year that was 2018.

You can download the latest episode here: GI Joburg Episode 133: Definitive Cobra-La

Yo Joburg everybody!

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