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Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Iron Grenadiers with The Finest CC

2018 marks the 30th anniversary of one of most unique subgroups in the G.I.Joe line and this reporter’s person favorite, the Iron Grenadiers! In issue #3 of FRONTLINE, the official magazine of The Finest, Missouri member Chris R.  provides an in-depth look at Destro’s private army. Check out sample from the magazine below –

The Finest Iron Grenadier Article - Surveillance Port.png

The Finest CC Propaganda

The Iron Grenadier, labeled as Destro’s Elite Trooper, was first released in 1988 as part of Wave 7 for the G.I. Joe toyline. As we know from file-cards and the writings of Larry Hama, the Iron Grenadiers were handpicked from the Guard of Castle Destro to become soldiers in the Iron Grenadier Army.

Grenadier is a term first used in the 17th century for the most experienced and senior troops chosen to specialize in the use of grenades. As the proliferation of grenades occurred in the 18th century and beyond, grenadier was applied to soldiers chosen for their physical abilities to lead an assault. In the modern era, the term can be used to denote a veteran soldier.

Fans commonly point out that the packaging of the figure features the BattleForce 2000 logo, prompting speculation that Iron Grenadiers were intended to be a direct enemy of the futuristic G.I. Joe sub-unit – BattleForce 2000. This face-off between units never occurred in Marvel’s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (ARAH) comic or Sunbow cartoon, however…


Make sure to check out the November 2018 of FRONTLINE for the conclusion of this awesome article!

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