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Robert Schwentke to Direct Paramount’s G.I.Joe Snake Eyes Movie

The Hollywood Reporter has shared word that Mr. Robert Schwentke has been enlisted to produce Paramount’s G.I.Joe Spinoff movie, Snake Eyes. Here’s the scoop –

Robert Schwentke, the Divergent film maker who directed two installments of the Divergent sci-fi action movie series, has been tapped to direct Paramount’s G.I. Joe spin-off movie centering on the popular character, Snake Eyes.

Snake Eyes Movie Banner - Surveillance Port

The character, who dresses in all black, never reveals his face and never speaks, stood out among the military anti-terrorist group and quickly established himself as the most popular. He had a special relationship with Scarlett, for a while the team’s only female member, and sometimes carried out solo missions with his pet wolf, Timber. His sworn enemy is Storm Shadow, a ninja who is also his blood brother.

I for one have my fingers crossed that this movie is a home run. Hopefully it’ll invigorate the brand and breathe new life in to our favorite modern army action figure.

Will you be checking out the Snake Eyes movie if/when it’s released?

2 comments on “Robert Schwentke to Direct Paramount’s G.I.Joe Snake Eyes Movie

  1. Andrew Thompson

    Absolutely can’t wait for this to come out! I hope they get it right.


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