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#TBT – Review of the Cobra Stage Backdrop Mini Dio by JoeRepro

For this edition of #TBT, let’s take a look back at a pictorial I did for the Cobra Stage Backdrop Mini diorama, by the now defunct JoeRepro.com.

While at the 2017 Dirty South G.I. Joe Meet, I was fortunate enough to pick up one of the amazing Diorama backdrops offered by Chris at JoeRepro.com. He had such a wide selection available that it made hard for me to pick only one. In the end, I opted for the Cobra Stage Backdrop.

This amazing piece is professionally printed on high quality gloss stock in vibrant colors. I mounted our piece on foam core, but you could easily stand this backdrop up without it. I’ve shared a gallery of 25 images showing the versatility of the dio backdrop, as it looks as much at home with vintage figures as it does with your modern era Cobra Army. Check it out –

When fully extended in an “L” shape, the piece measures in at 17.75″ H x 17.875″ W, giving you more than enough room to display your Cobra Army in regal fashion.

Do you display your collection using dios like this? I wish I had the room (or the will power to make the room, lol).


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