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#TBT – Michael Mercy Presents Patreon Special Missions – Cobra Rattler Review

Let’s continue our stroll down memory lane and join Michael Mercy for one of his patented Patreon Special Missions!

In this new installment, Michael takes a look at the 1984 Cobra Rattler! This beauty of an aircraft remains high on the list of fan favorites, even 30+ years after it’s release. Michael also compares the vintage Rattler alongside it’s Modern Era counterpart, the 2008 G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Rattler! Check it out –

Since I know you love Michael’s reviews just us much as I do, you should consider heading over to Michael Mercy’s Patreon page! This is the go-to location if you want to support the channel, as well as receive rewards like:

  • early viewings of videos
  • choosing subjects for future reviews
  • sitting in on Cartoon Commentaries
  • or being interviewed by none other than Michael Mercy for the channel!

You can also show your support in an all new way – The Nerdmaste way! Official T-shirts, mugs and other swag is now on sale at Tee Public!

Do you have a Cobra Rattler in your collection?

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