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New Planet Green Valley Renders and Production Timeline Revealed

Let’s kick off the new week with some fantastic news from my friend Weihua Wei!

Weihua has shared a fantastic gallery of images showcasing the upcoming Male Security Force characters. These 3D Renders are stunning and give us a glimpse as to what we will see on our shelves sometime next year. Check it out –

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Hello, everyone, now the first wave of product mold has been modified and tested. It will start mass production this week. It is expected to take two months. At the same time, we spent two months completing the design of the male characters and 3D model, 1:18 Scale action figure Security Force Male characters. we design based on existing tactical clothing and add some sci-fi elements. If you like modern military themes, you can freely combine equipment.will start production in 2019, I hope you like it

There you have it, folks! Production on the highly anticipated Planet Green Valley line will kick off in 2019! (Right around the corner!)

I’ll of course keep you posted as more details are received. Until then, stay tuned!

2 comments on “New Planet Green Valley Renders and Production Timeline Revealed

  1. That’s a great detail. I wonder how long we have to wait.


    • Agreed! It’s the little touches that really make this line up POP.

      To my understanding from Weihua, we should hopefully see this sometime during Q1 of 2019. They’ll be offered via Amazon, Alibaba/AliExpress & TaoBao.

      If memory serves me correctly, we’re going to be looking at around $19 – $24 USD per figure, depending on figure and retailer.


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