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New Images of Marauder Task Force K9, Contract Ops & Agency Ops Available

Heads Up, Taskers! Marauder Gun-Runners have shared an update on their Marauder Task Force K9 Dog, Exo Suit & Contract Ops Kickstarter Campaign! Via the Marauder Gun Runners Facebook Page comes a slew of images of awesome, upcoming product! Here’s the scoop:

Hey Folks!

Here are images of some of the upcoming Marauder Task Force Contract-Ops, Agency-Ops and K9 dogs. We are working to get our Kickstarter pre-orders processed and then plan to have the items (along with LOTS of other new items) up on the Marauder “Gun-Runners” website by early January. Hope you like what is on the way!

MJ & MGR Crew

These figures look fantastic! I’m sure I speak for most, if not all when I say I can’t wait to get these in hand! I’ll keep you posted on further updates as they’re shared.

2 comments on “New Images of Marauder Task Force K9, Contract Ops & Agency Ops Available

  1. tze kian tan

    when release ?


    • Very soon, my friend! Marauder Inc’s expectation is to have these in hand by the end of November.

      At that point, they will begin shipping Kickstarter orders, then the remaining pieces will be placed on their storefront at http:/www.marauderinc.com

      I’ll be sure to share a post once they’re available! 🙂


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