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Kickstarter Campaign for Printable DIY CX Dioramas Ends Tonight

Many thanks to my friend Brent Resner for the heads up on this awesome Kickstarter campaign by Chax Rivera! Check it out –

Printable DIY CX Dioramas for 1:12 & 1:18 scale Collectibles

My aim is to contribute an inexpensive diorama to the growing like-minded community of action figure enthusiasts which includes hobby photographers, Youtube reviewers and dads who wish to have a play-set for the kids and some DIY activities!

With the growing support of the community, I decided to launch this project here for mutual benefits. If the project is successful, my best reward is I get to see my work featured in your social media page. This could also fund a replacement for my graphics hardware, materials and assets to work on a new set of designs and a possible larger scale format.

All my designs are in digital printable format for both 1:12 scale (A3 paper) and 1:18 scale (A4 paper) collectibles. These are highly configurable which means there are no fixed setup on each panel or add-ons. Place them as you wish!

For a pledge of USD$10 backers will receive:

All digital printable files for both 1:12 & 1:18 scale
– UrbanAsia Panels (8 designs)
– Lightbox Pack (9 designs)
– Wood Crates foldable (S,M,L)
– Road Ground 3 Pack
– SciFi Panels (5 designs)
– Weapon Rack 2 pack foldable
– SciFi Crates foldable
– SciFi Floor 3 Pack
– Back Connector Guide!!!

This looks to be an awesome set for anyone that enjoys taking pictures of their toys! If you’re interested, you’ll have to act fast as the campaign ends in under 4 hours!

Printable DIY CX Dioramas for 1:12 & 1:18 scale Collectibles

2 comments on “Kickstarter Campaign for Printable DIY CX Dioramas Ends Tonight

  1. what are the names of the two asian drunk figures???

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