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Codename: Iowa Reveals Exclusive Character Art and Grand Prize for AR18

Assembly Required is just two days away and as such, the fine folks from Codename: Iowa have shared some fantastic info via their Facebook Page!

First up, word on what the Grand Prize Announcement:

This year’s theme, if you haven’t put it together yet, is 1988’s Tiger Force! In celebration of this fan favorite sub-team we are pleased to announce that this year’s Grand Prize is a set of vintage domestic release 1988 Tiger Force Figures and Vehicles! The AR Crew has been scouring the region putting together and restoring a display worthy set of yellow and black and green and red and blue and brown glory.

One lucky attendee will walk away with this set, and all you need to do to have a chance at this fantastic prize is come to AR, get your ticket, put it in the Grand Prize Raffle Box and be there at the end of the day when we draw for the winner! Be at Gravitate, this Saturday Nov. 10th and join in the fun of Assembly Required ’18!

How cool is that?! Someone is going home with a full assortment of Tiger Force goodies, but you’ll have to enter the raffle to win, so make sure to get to the show this Saturday!

Next up, the CN:I team shared an awesome piece of artwork reflecting one of the AR18 exclusives available at the show this year! They’ve been sharing awesome teasers on their Facebook page, so make sure to follow it if you aren’t to stay on top of the latest drops!

Codename Iowa Assembly Required Exclusive Figure Art - Surveillance Port

***Intercepted Transmission***

“Mindbender, this is Alley Viper lead. We are approaching the pens where the target is located. Corn Snake Squad is circling to the rear to cover if she runs. Preparing to breach doors . . . Go! Go! Go! . . .”





“Hello, Mindbender. Did you really think you would catch me unaware? Just another failure in a long string of failures. You have hampered Cobra’s goals chasing your own vanity for far too long. If you’re going to hire mercenaries, make sure you pay them enough; Corn Snake Squad now works for me. Your Alley Vipers are food. And now, you loathsome fool, we are coming for you. You have underestimated Professor Cybil Conner for the last time!”

***End Transmission***



To all that are heading out to the show this weekend, make sure to bundle up, be safe traveling and have the absolute best time possible!

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