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Black Major Toys Custom Alley Night Viper Pictorial Review

I continue my look at the 2018 assortment of Black Major Toys offerings on this #CobraSunday with a pictorial review of the all new Alley Night Viper!

Black Major Toys 2018 Alley Night Viper - Surveillance Port (02)

This latest addition to the Black Major Night Viper ranks joins the ranks of the elite urban assault troopers sent to take over urban centers and engage in urban guerrilla warfare against enemy G.I.Joe combatants.

What you’ll notice right away is that the Alley NV sports a much more muted orange tone; almost creamcicle in color. The difference in color is most noticeable when placing the figure alongside his Alley Viper counterpart. The overall lighter orange tone gives the Alley NV his own unique color while keeping to the overall theme, which is perfect in my book.

Now, you’ll note that my sample is missing one of his leg pegs…sigh, regardless of whether the specimen is vintage or reproduction, issues are issues, so what can you do?

Anyway, back to it – The overall Orange on the ANV is highlighted with a Royal Blue and Black, similar to the classic Alley Viper. He includes his Night Vision Mask and Scope, Rifle and Back Pack.

This latest round of Night Vipers from Black Major Toys will surely become fan favorites. After seeing the killer pattern on the Python Patrol Night Viper Stinger and now the Alley Night Viper, I’m really looking forward to continuing my pictorials of this new wave, as I find myself appreciating these new color schemes more with each new look.

What are your thoughts on the Alley Night Viper from Black Major Toys? Is this a trooper builder you’d at to your collection, or are you planning on skipping it all together? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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