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More Images of Rare 1984 G.I.Joe Zap, Short Fuze and Breaker with Alternate Heads

Talk about a fun discussion point! You may recall that yesterday, a listing for a 1984 G.I.Joe Zap with Rare Alternate Head was found on eBay. Many notable sources from throughout the G.I.Joe community chimed in with insightful commentary, from 3DJoes to YoJoe, with final confirmation coming from Mr. Dan Klingensmith Jr. via a discussion in the G.I.Joe Rec Room group that yes, this figure is indeed the real deal!

During the discussion in the G.I.Joe Rec Room, Mr. Juan De Gregorio shared images of the other two figures in the assortment, Short Fuze and Breaker! Now, for clarity’s sake, please note that I’m not certain that these images and/or pieces belong to Mr. De Gregorio, so proper credit due to the rightful owner of the images/figures!

**01/09/19 UPDATE** – I’m pleased to announce that the owner of the first comparison picture below has touched base with me, so now I can give proper credit where it’s due.

The first picture below (same of two Breakers), belongs to Mr. Johnanthan R.! He’s been the proud owner of this amazing piece since 2014. Color me jealous! Hey, at least we get to live vicariously through his eyes! Many thanks to Jonathan for sharing images of this piece of Joe history with our community! **END UPDATE**


The first image shared gives us a look at both versions of Breaker. As you can see, the specimen on the left has no facial hair. The second image gives us a closer look.


Next up, a close up look at Short Fuze. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if it weren’t for that swooped hair in front. How cool is that?!


Finally, a shot with all 3 figures, giving us a look at the unique head sculpts was shared!

I’m always amazed by the rich history of G.I.Joe, as made evident by the awesome pieces of history that have found their way out back out on to the Front Lines. In recent months we’ve seen unreleased Star Brigade Items and now these.  I can only imagine what’ll be next!

If you, or someone you know by chances knows the rightful owner of these images, please drop me a line so I can give proper credit. Thanks! 🙂

5 comments on “More Images of Rare 1984 G.I.Joe Zap, Short Fuze and Breaker with Alternate Heads

  1. Those heads all look great, it’s a shame they weren’t mass released with the 1983 1.5 versions of those figures. Thanks for sharing those hi-def pics!


    • Hey Bud! First off, it’s an honor having you here, man! Thanks for stopping by!

      As for the heads, right?! I would have loved these versions! Growing up, my hair was always combed like this version of Short Fuze (lol), so it would’ve been perfect. Eh, at least we get to live vicariously through the eyes of others!

      Again man, awesome to see you here!


  2. Wish they would have came out with those

    Liked by 1 person

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