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Eagle Force Handbook vol 101 Starts Shipping This Week

The wait is almost over! Bill from Fresh Monkey Fiction has sent out an update on The Official Eagle Force Handbook: Volume 101 Kickstarter Campaign, noting that the handbook is set to start shipping out this week! Here’s the scoop –

Hey Everyone!

The Eagle Force Handbook Vol 101 books are printed and orders will start shipping from KA-BLAM publishing this week. So be on the look out for your orders starting next week. Here are some images of the books…along we a sneak peak of 1 of the Kickstarter exclusive items for the Mystery Box backers. A limited edition Eagle Force Handbook Vol 101 cover by Steven Butler.

Reminder to the Mystery Box backers, your comics will ship first, the rest of your items will ship in a few weeks. As you can see the mystery boxes are all packed and ready to go…

Except for 1 additional item that we should have in a couple weeks. Once that lands we’ll send them on their way! 

Thanks again everyone! Looking forward to getting the handbook in your hands! 


You heard the man, keep it locked on those mail boxes as the Eagle Force Handbook is inbound! I was fortunate enough to secure a Mystery Box, so I’ll be sure to share images of my secret schwag with you once it arrives!

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