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1984 G.I.Joe Zap with Rare Alternate Head on eBay

Another rarity from the G.I.Joe’s past has found its way to eBay. Many thanks to my friend Jeff of Tooele Toys for pointing out this Gem. By way of seller billn44 comes this 1984 G.I.Joe Zap with rare alternate head sculpt. Check it out –

Here are the details from the listing:

Here is an ultra rare 1984 GI Joe Bazooka Soldier ZAP MOC. This figure has an alternate head sculpt variation which I’m told Hasbro thought about doing for several of its original figures but was never mass marketed. Based on comments I’ve gotten about the figure it is really rare. The figure is sealed on its original card which is a 32-back and has not been tampered with in any way. The bubble does not have any dents in it. The card does show some wear. It does not lie perfectly flat. There is some light soiling at the GI Joe name on the top of the card. The card is unpunched. A rare chance to get this desirable variation for your collection. It makes an excellent display piece. Please look at the pictures above. I will be putting up many more early MOC figures and some sealed vehicles over the coming days. I can combine shipping on multiple purchases. Buyer pays shipping and the shipping quote includes insurance.

To give you a bit of background, the information above is indeed factual; It’s said that about a case or so of figures sporting new head sculpts, Breaker, Zap and short Fuze were made. Sadly, these offerings never found their way to retail. As such, you can just guess how rare these pieces are.

Make sure to check those couch cushions, folks, as this beautiful piece is already over the $1,500 mark and with 9 days to go, shows no signs of slowing down.

To all that bid, best of luck on adding this grail to your collection!

5 comments on “1984 G.I.Joe Zap with Rare Alternate Head on eBay

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  4. This ended up selling in the end for a high bid of close to $9,000, if i recall.

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