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WOJM: What’s on Joe Mind – The Return of Ladies Night

WOJM is back with an all new episode for you to feast your ears on, The Return of Ladies Night!

WOJM Banner - Surveillance Port

As October is both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the WOJM team decided it was a good time to give the keys to Joe Colton and bring back their Ladies’ Night tradition (Ladies Night III to be exact)!

Joining Joe is Spider-Slayer and Tinkles (old friends of the show Sara Detrick and Kate McLeod), and together they’ll explore the world of GI Joe from a feminine perspective – from cosplaying to collecting and may stops in between. You’ll also learn the origins of their special code names (for the record, Joe’s is “Sniffles”) and have a laugh or twenty along the way. Pour yourself a favorite beverage – just like our hostesses with the mostesses – and enjoy!

PS, if you enjoyed this edition of Ladies Night, go back into the WOJM archives and listen to Ladies Night I and II.  You won’t be disappointed.

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