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Black Major Toys Custom Python Patrol Alley Viper Pictorial Review

The long wait is over! Black Major Toys is proud to announce that their latest assortment of offerings is finally available to the public!

I’m kicking off my pictorial reviews of the new assortment with a figure that I’ve been absolutely dying to get my hands on, the Black Major Toys Python Patrol Alley Viper!

The Python Patrol Alley Viper is a continuation of the custom reproduction AV series that began last year. The PPAV sports a bright green base color, with yellow “pythonizing” and black highlights.

The paint job on this particular offering is phenomenal, as the vest is painted in solid black, highlighting the details in the mold and really giving this version a really unique look as compared to his original ’89 predecessor.

The PPAV includes his signature face mask and shield, his machine gun & back pack with removal grappling hook. His Shield looks absolutely awesome, as the bright green really pops off of the shield.

Needless to say, he looks fantastic alongside earlier Black Major Python Patrol offerings and is a new “must have” for any Cobra collection.

There are other new Python Patrol themed offerings that have been released in this new wave, including the Python Stinger Night Viper and Python Ninja, both of which I look forward to bringing you reviews on during the course of this week.

If you’d like to add this new offering to your collection, make sure to reach out to Black Major and Black Major’s Hand on Instagram for details!

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