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JoeFest: Greenville Worlds Without End Sgt. Slaughter Exclusive Reveal

I’m honored to bring you an Exclusive Reveal of an awesome new offering coming to JoeFest: Greenville! Mr. Brian Kossin is pleased to announce the Retro-Toy Con Exclusive Worlds Without End Sgt. Slaughter!

This fantastic 1:18 scale “o-ring” figure plays off of the G.I.Joe Episode “Worlds Without End”, where in an alternate reality, Steeler, Clutch and Grunt discover a world without G.I.Joe. 

With the help of a “double agent” version of the Baroness, the other Joes are able to escape to our reality. Choosing to remain behind, the three choose to stay and rebuild the Joe Force. Unfortunately, they discover that Cobra Forces were trained by an evil version of Sgt. Slaughter and learned that he had a hand in killing many of the Joes himself. 

This unique take on Sgt. Slaughter comes in full Viper gear, including a removable helmet, back pack, Rifle and figure stand. The figure is made available by Brian Kossin of the Custom Alliance, through a collaboration with Black Major, Red Laser and Krakken Kards!

So, how do you get your hands on this awesome Exclusive offering? Easy! Head to JoeFest: Greenville at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Greenville Golf Resort & Conference Center in Greenville, South Carolina on Saturday, November 17th! These will be available on a first come, first serve basis and will surely sell out quickly, so make sure to head over to Brian’s table and get yours ASAP!


2 comments on “JoeFest: Greenville Worlds Without End Sgt. Slaughter Exclusive Reveal

  1. Jonathan Herman

    How do I acquire such an awesome and unique figure! The story line would be epic if done in either an actual book out a comic book series. I know I would be ordering several copies, I live on the West Coast and am Disabled do to sever back injury’s while serving my country! Plus just plan o’ l genetics! Not trying to sound like a sob story I just wish I wouldn’t miss out on all of this way cool conventions! I’ve been collecting G.I . Joe since I was a kid and still have all of my figures from then! If there is any way possible that I could add one of these figures to my collection it would mean the world to me thanks!


    • Hi Jonathan! Thanks for reaching out, Bud! I couldn’t agree more, I love the concept for this version of the Sarge! I believe that Mr. Brian Kossin will have them available via Facebook after JoeFest: Greenville, but I’ll do my best to verify!



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