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Dan Klingensmith Shares Images of Original 1:1 G.I.Joe Molds

How’s this for a piece of G.I.Joe history? By way of Mr. Dan Kingensmith Jr’s 3 3/4 Inch Joe Facebook Page comes a selection of images that are sure to delight any G.I.Joe Fan – Images of original 1:1 Cobra Commander and Cobra Officer Molds! Check it out, with commentary direct from Dan –

So a few years back I was fortunate enough to get a few unique pieces of Joe history…original molds. One of the most intriguing molds were a 1:1 mold for Cobra Commander and Cobra Officer. I’ve wanted to do a casting of them to see what they looked like three-dimensionally. I got together with a former co-worker of mine and we had some fun pouring castings yesterday morning. Due to not cleaning the molds prior and the release agent, there were a lot of bubbles, but you can still pick up the detail. I have no intention of making any more of these, but may display eventually at a show.

If you don’t have my books and want to see more historical articfacts from the Joe brand, please go to my site www.334inchjoe.com!

I absolutely love those casts, don’t you? It’s always amazing to see glimpses in to G.I.Joe’s rich past. If you love stuff like this just like I do, then make sure to add Dan’s 3.75″ Joe Book Series to your collection! The latest release, Volume 5 is now available and is a must have for any G.I.Joe fan!

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