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Eagle Force Pulp: Face The Fear Kickstarter Campaign Update

It’s almost time to Face the Fear! Chris from The Drawn Word has shared a new update on the Eagle Force Pulp #5: Face The Fear campaign. Check it out –

Eagle Force Face the Fear - Surveillance Port

 The Face maquette is done! I just added a few finishing touches last night.

As for the story, I’m in the revision stage, and hope to have that finished soon. Mid-Term grades are due this week, so I’ve been a bit pulled away on that.

Also, the trading cards should arrive this week. The only potential hang-up may be in the metal cards, as my vendor is pretty busy with work right now. My hope is they’ll come in around the same time as the book itself.

Thanks for your patience, everyone! This is the most complex pulp yet and I think you’ll see it in the final product.

Oh, and email me any letters for the SITREP section to drawnword@gmail.com. I’m starting layouts next week!

Bestest, Chris

There you have it, folks! We’ll have what Chris refers to as his most complex pulp yet in hand soon! I’ll do my best to see if I can get my hands on that maquette for a few pics! 😉

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