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Dirty South G.I.Joe Meetup 2.0 -Retrospective

October 20th has come and gone and with it, a trio of awesome G.I.Joe Fan shows. I’ll discuss two of those shows in separate posts, as the meet and potatoes here is the Dirty South Meetup that was held at the Acme Superstore in Longwood, Florida.

Dirty South Meet Up Infographic - Surveillance Port

Now, if you’re only interested in the TL;DR version, here you go: The show was a great time. Albert & Stephen have taken the momentum that they created last year and have undoubtedly built upon it. I can only imagine how awesome next year’s show will be!

Now, full disclosure – I arrived at the event entirely too late. Ever have one of days where Google Maps wants to take you to the Moon in order to get you to an address across the street? Yeah…that was me on Saturday (lol). Regardless, upon finally arriving at the Acme Super Store, attendees were greeted by food trucks and boy scouts with treats, so there was no way anyone was going hungry at the show!

Walking inside the Acme Superstore was like walking in to Geek Heaven.

Folks, if you’re in the area and can make it out, I’d highly recommend visiting. If you’re a toy collector, you’re going to love walking up and down the aisles, as they really had a taste of everything. I mean, c’mon, there was even a Donald Rumsfeld figure on display! Not only was the location awesome, but the staff was amazingly friendly and welcoming. I can’t thank them enough for taking such good care of all of us Joe fans.

Walking down any of the aisles at Acme brought you to where the Joe meet was being held. The place was HUGE and chock full of G.I.Joe offerings! Albert’s daughters manned the door in full Cobra Cosplay and they killed it! What was really neat was the fact that although everyone there were selling Joes, each table had unique offerings…so it was destined to be an expensive day. 🙂

Alongside a slew of amazing offerings were just as amazing guests!

Both G.I.Joe Trader PX and G.I.Joe Renegades Facebook groups were in attendance as well, so it really was a great to see so many people “around town”!

Mr. Jason Mark Sobol was on hand, showcasing his awesome artwork and discussing his current Kickstarter project, Half the Battle volume 2. If you haven’t pledged yet, make sure to do so ASAP!

Towards the end of the show, fans were treated to a teaser viewing of the Plastic Crack Documentary, hosted by Mr. Guillermo Olivio. In the segment, Mr. Irving Santiago of UltraCon fame dealt with the perils of having a warehouse full of toys right in the line of fire of an oncoming Hurricane! I won’t share any more, so that you can live the adventure yourself once the documentary is released. We also got a sneak peek at the next episode, where Mr. Kirk Bozigian talks G.I.Joe!

Final thoughts – This write up doesn’t nearly do the show the justice that it deserves. To Albert & Stephen – Gents, great job. I’m beyond excited for next year (only 363 more days to go give or take, right?!)

It was a great time with great people at a great location! Oh, remember kids – When Snake Eyes from Task Force 27 gives you the honor of holding is sword for a photo op, don’t hold it like a Bat. Sigh. lol


Until next year!

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