October 20th was also home to COIL Con 9, a Midwest G.I. Joe Toy and Comic Convention that is one of the premiere events of the G.I.Joe Convention going season. Although I was unable to attend the event, we at least have the opportunity to live vicariously through the eyes of others who enjoyed the show. Let’s get to it!

Mr. Christopher McLeod of The Full Force was in attendance alongside his Wife, Mrs. Kate McLeod of Kate’s Customs, Props & Cosplay. Christopher has put together this fantastic video of highlights from the event. Check it out –

The Full Force also provided a very special presentation of Action Force, the Movie!


From what I’ve heard, everyone had an absolute blast! The list of attendees and events at the show was amazing –

The Art of Adam Riches
Stuart Sayger
Kate’s Customs, Props, & Cosplay
The Finest – A G.I. Joe Costume Club
Mary Mercenary Cosplay
R.A.H.C. Guide
The Full Force – A fancast about the world of Action Force & GI Joe
Joe Declassified

Vendors and Artists:
The Toy Department
ROMA Collectibles
Broken Icon Comics
Brian Kauffman – Hypnoshield
Out of the Basement: Toys, Comics & Collectibles
Bell, Book & Comic
Route 68 Vintage Toys and Collectibles
The Art of Adam Fields
Indiana Joes Collectibles
Game Runners Ohio
Jim & Dan Promotions
The Hyve of Villainy – Evil Action Figures
Maverick’s Cards and Comics
Archie A Cunningham
Bret’s Toys & Comics
Cremeans Creations
The Great White Buffalo Antiques and Collectibles
My Vintage Toys and Trains
Baby Boomer Rebellion
Karen Terhune Vintage Joes
Marshall Books

That list doesn’t even begin to encompass all of the awesome at this year’s Coil Con. ROMA Collectibles came with fully loaded with a trunk full of exclusives, from their Modern Era Scarab and Coil Infantry Strike Tank to their ROMA/TriCon shared Exclusive Variant Covers for IDW Publishings G.I.Joe #256!

Now, no conversation on Coil Con could be complete without discussing the amazing exclusives put out by the show! This year’s theme was “Scarab Strikes” and fans that pre-ordered the set were given a Troop Deployment Package CHOCK FULL of goodies –

1. Exclusive print by The Art of Adam Riches
2. Exclusive print by The Art of Adam Fields
3. Exclusive COIL bottle opener dog tag
4. TOP SECRET letter from Scarab
5. Classified map of COIL troop deployments

Sets will be in hand soon, so I’ll be sure to share pics once available! Congrats to the Coil Con team on a fantastic show!

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