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ROMA collectibles Reveals Coil Con Exclusive Coil Infantry Strike Tank

Just when you thought Coil Con couldn’t offer any more awesomeness, here comes ROMA Collectibles with the half court shot! Not only will ROMA have a set of Exclusive Variant Cover issues of G.I.Joe #256, but they’ve also revealed this amazing Coin Con Exclusive Coil Infantry Strike Tank, or C.I.S.T. for short!

ROMA Collectibles Coil Con C.I.S.T. - Surveillance Port

These beautiful pieces are custom painted and limited to only x10. They will be sold only at the 2018 COIL CON in Dayton Ohio this coming Saturday, Oct. 20th.

The C.I.S.T. will run you $65 each and include a sticker sheet. They are first come, first serve (limit one per person), so get to COIL Con – Midwest G.I. Joe Toy and Comic Convention and hit up the ROMA booth first to snag one of these custom beauties!

**Figures are sold separately

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