G.I.Joe Final 12, Cobra Night Stalkers and Ninja Force Zartan November Pre Order

Fans that signed up for FSS 8 from the G.I.Joe Collectors Club have received an e-mail regarding billing for the final subscription.

Included in the e-mail word as to when we can expected Pre-Orders to go live for the Final 12 assortment, the Cobra Night Stalkers and Ninja Force Zartan with Cycle. Get those wallets ready, as pre-orders are noted to go live by Mid-November, with shipping starting in December.



Hello FSS 8 Subscribers!

We are getting really close! The figures are scheduled to get on a ship next week and start heading this way. We are anticipating shipping the first wave in early December. The final payment is due for the installment purchases. Please ensure that your CC information is up-to-date and there are enough funds in your debit card accounts as the billing is scheduled for October 22nd.

Thanks for your support!

PS. The Night Stalkers, Zartan and the Final 12 will all come together around the end of the year. The pre-orders will start in mid-November. We tried to get some of them here earlier but the factory could not schedule them to make the earlier ship dates.

Folks, as noted, prepare those wallets…as initial word coming in is that the entire assortment will run you close to $700 before shipping. Now, take that number as pure rumor, as no official word as come in from the Club on pricing.

Will you be adding any or all of these final offerings from the G.I.Joe Collectors Club to your shelves?

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