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Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Production Update

There’s a new update to share on the Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Kickstarter Campaign. Here’s the scoop –

Update #24 – Male Figure Tooling Still Being Worked On, Waiting for Next Skeleton Test Shots

To update on the progress of the figures, I’ve been told the recent round of tooling adjustments for the Skeleton at the one factory has been completed. Hoped this would have been done quicker but October 1 through October 7 is a national holiday in China called National Day where everyone has the week off so the factories were closed during that time. Currently waiting on them to run a few tests to check that the assembly issues have been resolved. Will update when pictures of the new test shots are completed and when they are inspected.

The factory working on the Male figures and bases is still finishing up the tooling but I’ve been told to expect it completed in the next 10 days or so. The rep sent over some images of the parts that weren’t being worked on at that moment, which are shown below. This factory seems to be much more efficient than the one working on the Skeleton figures, as it took the other factory many more months to be at this same point in the production process, so fingers crossed production at this one continues to run smoother.

Again, continuing to appreciate the patience that most of you are showing. This is Cryptid Toys’ first foray into overseas production, and as some of you may or may not know, it’s a bit like the Wild West over there. Factories often push the small production runs from tiny manufacturers to the bottom in their list of priorities, and can even completely take advantage of them by stringing them along with promises and not delivering.

We are not a massive corporation that has decades of production experience at factories who are accustomed to producing a specific type of product, so the original production timetable was indeed a bit too ambitious. There is learning on our side as well as the factory side for this production, but thankfully there haven’t been any disastrous events such as the factory running away with the money, or just closing up shop and holding the tooling hostage which has unfortunately happened to other companies, both big and small.

I’ll update you all again as soon as there’s more to report. Less time between this update and the next one compared to this one and the last.


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