Toys Alliance Acid Rain World Display at Taipei Toy Festival 2018

My friends from Toys Alliance are in attendance at the 2018 Taipei Toy Festival and have shared images of their amazing Acid Rain World display! The set up features their new F.A.V. (Figure and Vehicle) assortment and for those wonder, YES, these are 1:18 scale! Check it out –

Included in the display are:

  • FAV-A01 Bucks Team Wildebeest WB3b
  • FAV-A02 Field Wildebeest WB3f Field Cavalry with Combat Medic Parts
  • FAV-A03 Field Flakbike FB7f with FB7f Field Cannoneer
  • Pumpkin Cart
  • XDrone – Flea.L
  • XDrone – Flea.H
  • XDrone – Flea.M
  • Revenant Laurel La6e
  • FAV-Series Cruiser
  • FAV-Series Grampus
  • FAV-Series N.A.U.S. Military G.Cambarus GC2
  • More!

It’s great to see such exciting new product on its way to the Acid Rain World! Will you be adding any of these new Toys Alliance offerings to your collection? I know I will!

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