Coil Con Countdown continues with a look at the Troop Deployment Package

It’s almost time for COIL Con! This Saturday, October 20th, Fairborn, Ohio will be chock full of G.I.Joe fans!

Coil Con will have the largest show they’e ever had. Now is the LAST chance to pre-order your Scarab Strikes 5 figure set and receive the Troop Deployment package and no additional charge. The Troop Deployment package is a free add on to tide you over until the figures arrive. It comes with any set, carded or loose, that is purchased before COIL Con wraps up on October 20th.

Not only do you get the figures mailed to you when they arrive, you also receive:

Coil Con Troop Deployment Package - Surveillance Port

1. Exclusive print by The Art of Adam Riches
2. Exclusive print by The Art of Adam Fields
3. Exclusive COIL bottle opener dog tag
4. TOP SECRET letter from Scarab
5. Classified map of COIL troop deployments

All attendees can pick up their items at the show and we will mail you your figures when they arrive. Non-attendees will have all items mailed to them when the figures arrive.

To order your figure set, go to and go to the TICKETS link at the top right of the page. We want to thank everyone for their continued support! For those attending, enjoy the show!

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