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3DJoes Variant Chasers: Cobra Python Patrol Python Trooper

3DJoes has shared an informative and equally awesome post via the 3DJoes.com Facebook Page. This may be common knowledge for some, while it may start a new hunt for others. Here’s the scoop:

Were you aware that there are two carded Cobra Python Patrol Python Troopers to chase? Well, check out this assortment of images courtesy of 3DJoes =

The original features a light gray AK matching the card art, and the later running change features a black AK. The light gray AK appears to be harder to find. Both cards feature the same assortment number (6557/6623) and both incorrectly identify the weapon inside as a Dragunov (SVD) Sniper’s Rifle. 

So, you know the old saying….now you know!

2 comments on “3DJoes Variant Chasers: Cobra Python Patrol Python Trooper

  1. I mistakenly thought the gray AK-47’s to be well done repros the last time I saw them. I haven’t seen many of the variation over the last 14 years of online collecting, so I imagine they are only going to increase in value – if you are into that sort of thing.
    I would definitely love to see this version next to the accessory pack version to see if there are any noticeable differences – other than gray/white color.


    • Brother, I’ll ask 3DJoes to see if he can take a side-by-side or even give us a sitrep on the differences between the two. I’ll report back ASAP!


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