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G.I.Joe: Flashback Kickstarter Campaign Update

The G.I.JOE: Flashback Kickstarter Campaign has 31 days left to go as of today, but could use your help! As of the time of this post, the campaign is at just under 11% funding, having secured $3,146 of its $29,000 goal.

To bring you up to speed, G.I.Joe: Flashback is a film that dares to explore what happened to core G.I.Joe characters during their tour in Vietnam.

GI Joe Flashback Kickstarter - Surveillance Port

There is a largely untapped era of G.I.JOE. It consists of tales of three of the most well known characters. Stalker, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes who all served together with some unfortunate soldiers, Dickie, Ramon, and Wade Collins. Those three were K.I.A. or M.I.A. in an instant. We know very little about Dickie and Ramon. We know that the survivors of that fateful canteen sloshing that cost the lives of Dickie and Ramon went on to become allies and enemies. What happened in the missions prior?

Through this campaign, you will watch soldiers fighting in the muck. You will follow a LRRP as they move through the reeds of Vietnam and they face the dangers within. You will see the consequences of conflict just like an embedded photographer would with their 8MM camera dodging fire.

Script doctor, actors, camera operators, lighting, production assistants, sound, stunts, props, practical effects, costumes; This is a labor of love created by those who love the franchise. Check out this impressive list of contributors –

  • Vietnam Veteran Jim Hatzell will be a consultant. He has been a Production Assistant and actor in films such as Dances With Wolves and Hidalgo.
  • Bill Nedrow, Kindle Worlds published author is mentoring the script.
  • Tracy Mailloux, who also has worked on national television series and who is no  stranger to fan films will also be a part of the production.
  • Paul Skidmore has stepped up to the plate as G.I.Joe fan and accomplished DP to direct.
  • Paul Panfalone, action figure photographer and graphic designer has jumped on board.
  • Philip Ockelford will provide the score. The score is as much an important character in any film.

There are others who will participate and as we get further along in the production we will make announcements. A stellar cast and a stellar crew will make this something fans and non fans alike will be talking about. Purely  a nonprofit project all funds will go into the production of this short.

You can help bring this campaign to life by getting your pledge in here: G.I.JOE: Flashback


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