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Wayward Goat Collectibles shares new launch date for M.A.R.V. Kickstarter Campaign

Heads up! Wayward Goat Collectibles has shared word that the Kickstarter Campaign for the highly anticipated M.A.R.V. (Modular Armored Range Vehicle) has been pushed back until the front end of 2019. Here’s the scoop –

MARV Launch Date Banner - Surveillance Port.jpg

Due to several unforeseen factors, the 1:18 scale Modular Armored Range Vehicle launch has been rescheduled for first quarter 2019. 

This delay should grant the MARV a greater chance to succeed, as it will no longer conflict with the busy holiday shopping season as well as other popular brands launching product over the next few months. Our $90 (plus shipping) price point for the MARV is not expected to change as a result of this delay.

During the downtime we will be working on a second prototype of the MARV, which will incorporate all planned fixes and enhancements to the original design. Photos of “prototype v2” will be posted as soon as work is finished.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay.

I think this is a great move by WGC, as this’ll allow people to have some scratch available outside of the holiday season to stock up on a ton of MARVs! 🙂 I’ll bring you those aforementioned v2 pics once they’re available!

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