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Pindar Toys shares more 3D Designs of 1:18 Scale King Tiger Tank on Facebook

In case you haven’t been keeping track, over the course of September through today, I’ve shared word of an amazing new project by the fine folks over at Pindar Toys. They’re working on bringing at 1:18 scale King Tiger Tank to life! In order to drum up more excitement for the project, Pindar Toys has begun to share 3D Designs of the King Tiger Tank on the Pindar Toys Facebook Page. Check it out –

You’ll want to keep it locked on their Facebook Page, as they’ll be sharing a new 3D Design every week!

The 1:18 Scale King Tiger Tank will be a “fully built” tank. It will feature opening hatches and a movable turret.

Pindar Toys 118 scale King Tiger Tank 03 - Surveillance Port

There will be many details molded in to the King Tiger, but please note that they will not be removable to help keep consumer cost down.

Pindar Toys 118 scale King Tiger Tank 04 - Surveillance Port

At the onset of the project, the King Tiger Tank will be offered in (1) color. If demand increases, then Pindar Toys will examine offering other color schemes.

Pindar Toys 118 scale King Tiger Tank 06 - Surveillance Port

What’s really awesome about the King Tiger Tank is that it will have moving tracks, just like a real tank! You can see the track design via the 3D concept art above.

Resin will be used for the body, whereas the tracks will be made of PVC. (the pic above shows a model made in/by resin). Once production numbers of the King Tiger increase, Pindar Toys will move to plastic for the main material of the King Tiger, making these initial releases somewhat of a collector’s item.

The King Tiger Tank will run you $120 USD. Pindar Toys needs 50 orders to begin production, so if you’re interested in adding this awesome Tank to your Front Lines, make sure to reach out to info@pindartoys.com to place your order!

Make sure to follow the Pindar Toys Facebook Page for more awesome 3D Design reveals!

3 comments on “Pindar Toys shares more 3D Designs of 1:18 Scale King Tiger Tank on Facebook

  1. Hi is there anything new in this matter? Is the king tiger project abandoned?
    Thanks for headsup.


    • Hi Armin – Sadly my friend, I haven’t heard back from the gentleman behind this endeavor in quite some time.

      When last we spoke, they were looking for a “one and done” funder rather than going the Kickstarter route.


  2. Hi Erick,
    thanks for your quick reply.
    I have tried to contact pindar toys via their email (info@pindartoys.com) but there is something wrong with it
    it doesn’t work (error message).



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