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Forgotten Figures Reviews the Argentine Exclusive Cobra De Hielo

Let’s take a trip in the way back machine with Forgotten Figures to 2015, where he examined the Argentine Exclusive Cobra De Hielo (Ice Snake)


At some point in the mid to late 1980’s, the Plastirama toy company in Argentina released a triumvirate of exclusive Cobra Ninjas in their native country.  The first two members of this highly desired group of figures are the famous Satan and Ninja-Ku characters.  Satan is a blood red repaint of the iconic 1984 Stormshadow mold.  Ninja-Ku is repainted in all black, and given an African skin tone to boot.  There is a third repaint of the Stormshadow mold, though, that is less popular than these more striking variants.  It has become the largely forgotten member of the Argentine ninja family.  But, the Cobra De Hielo, or Ice Cobra, is equally as interesting as the more popular variants and is a figure well worth examining.

Initially, this figure appears to simply be an international version of Stormshadow.  However, a quick read of the filecard shows that this is a completely new character.  Here is a filecard translation:

A martial arts expert, Ninja is a super expert in scaling huge ice walls with equipment.  Equipped with incredible strength, he overcomes the toughest weather conditions without flinching.  To fulfill his sinister task of destroying Comado, he will cross Antarctica.  Thanks to the Ninja’s clothes, he is easily confused with the white landscape and it is almost impossible for the Comandos to discover his movements.

The write-up is quite informative, so make sure to check out Argentine Exclusive Cobra De Hielo review for more details, including a pic of the aforementioned file card translated above!

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