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The Full Force presents FSS 3.0 Action Figure Battle

The Full Force has shared the third segment in their new series, FSS (Figure Subscription Service) Battles!

Join Christopher ‘Bumbardier’ McLeod aka #Diagnostik80 as he’s joined by Adam ‘Gland Slam’ Riches and Justin ‘Mess Pool’ Bell as they play each #FSS figure against each other in a battle to see who is the greatest action figure the Club released in the 8 waves of their Figure Subscription Service!

They’re looking at each wave separately of course and due to the awkward numbers that just don’t really work in a playoff structure, they’ll be doing groups of three in the first round and the mystery 13th will go up against the winner at the end.

Who would you say takes the top prize in this round? Check out the show and see if your pick was the winner!

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